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"Silver Liz manages to make room for us all on... ​'It Is Lighter Than You Think'.​.. At the heart of this new record is not experimentation with new sonic palettes or an attempt to intentionally break-up with a previous sound. The foundation of this record is amazing songwriting." - It's psychedelic baby! Magazine

"...[Silver Liz's] follow-up [record] explodes their horizons outward, encompassing a constantly-shifting expanse of genres and showcasing an impressive refusal to limit their sound to any one direction." - Under the radar

"Taking cues from everyone from Throwing Muses to Cocteau Twins to Electrelane to Stereolab, the wistful track is anchored with a dreamy vocal and staccato synth. The track suddenly crashes to a halt with a muffled spoken word and wild distortion, interrupting the dream flow with a cacophony of static and fuzz, sounding like a radio station trapped between frequencies on a mountain road."

"With their latest effort, Silver Liz’s talent for genre-blending makes for indie rock magic, marrying together graceful pop vocals, stately acoustic strumming, and a raging grungy climax... Even as the duo barrel towards the track’s end, Carrie’s sweet vocal melodies add a certain bright warmth, a gorgeous ray of light shining through the surrounding storm." - under the radar

"After the gentle and beautiful acoustic arrangements of 'Until Lately' and the shoegaze-adjacent 'Thousand', Carrie and Matt Wagner have taken some inspiration from electronic music to create an ambitious narrative-heavy song that feels very reminiscent of Beach House or early Sweet Trip... As the spoken-word bit ends, multiple synth arpeggios enter the mix creating a chaotic, yet beautiful and dreamlike soundscape, which feels like a digital reinterpretation of the foundations of shoegaze." - HighClouds

"It's hard not to get swept up in the colorful world of Silver Liz's newest track, 'Missing The Party.' In arguably their most experimental track to date, the Brooklyn-based husband and wife duo of Carrie and Matt Wagner take listeners on a neo-psychedelic journey from daily life's mundanities through a very real dream... with a mid-song change in the vocal delivery and lyrical content comes a burst of textures and layers of sound that form into a soft-edged, full-throttle kaleidoscope of sound." - Swell tone

"The new Silver Liz single 'Missing The Party' is probably the craziest song by Carrie and Matt Wagner I know." - we love that sound

"I'm grateful bands like Silver Liz are giving me a chance to take a breath and just enjoy a nice ditty. The Brooklyn duo's latest single works over this light strum and Carrie Wagner's sparkling voice, as little synth elements twinkle in the far off distance. Drums begin to enter the fray, furthering the textural depth of the track, and things seem to swell to hook-laden proportions, all the while Carrie's voice keeps us grounded as listeners. Keep an eye out on these two..." - Austin Town Hall

"Silver Liz's 'There's No Need'... possesses a timelessness that I've craved in recent indie electronic music." - Indie Shuffle

"the band's current vibe feels more akin to Sonic Youth, as Silver Liz has the uncanny ability to produce lush, fuzzed out indie pop that is both gritty and sensitive. Their latest single is also timely, diving into the pros and cons of being an introvert in modern society." - The vinyl district

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