"I'm grateful bands like Silver Liz are giving me a chance to take a breath and just enjoy a nice ditty. The Brooklyn duo's latest single works over this light strum and Carrie Wagner's sparkling voice, as little synth elements twinkle in the far off distance. Drums begin to enter the fray, furthering the textural depth of the track, and things seem to swell to hook-laden proportions, all the while Carrie's voice keeps us grounded as listeners. Keep an eye out on these two..." -Austin Town Hall

"Silver Liz's 'There's No Need'... possesses a timelessness that I've craved in recent indie electronic music." - Indie Shuffle

"'microwave S'mores'... is tailor-made for your next wistful stare out the window. The dreamy track ebbs and flows between lilting guitars and ethereal vocals up to bursts of heavy shoegaze-style TV static making for a delightfully mind-bending listening experience." - impose magazine

"the band’s current vibe feels more akin to Sonic Youth, as Silver Liz has the uncanny ability to produce lush, fuzzed out indie pop that is both gritty and sensitive. Their latest single is also timely, diving into the pros and cons of being an introvert in modern society." - The vinyl district